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IBTE Membership Criteria

The organization/s applying for participation must fall qualified, meeting every one of the necessities referenced beneath: 

1. The candidate ought to be an instructive foundation that: 

Officially enlists understudies and keeps up understudy records 

Holds a certified personnel to support understudies 

Transmits to understudies composed instructional materials 

Gives constant two-path correspondence on understudy work, e.g., assessing understudies' assessments, ventures, as well as noting inquiries, with brief input given to understudies 

2: The instructive foundation can be of the accompanying sorts: 

Advanced education Universities and Institutes 

E-Learning/Distance Learning Universities and Institutes 

Vocation Colleges and Schools 

K-12 Schools 

Staff people can likewise be licensed. 

3: The organization/college should offer: 

Degree Programs 

Partner's degree 

Four year certification 

Graduate degree 

Doctorate certificate 

Recognition Programs 

Undergrad Diploma 

Graduate Diploma 

Testament Programs 

College class Certificate 

Undergrad Certificate 

Graduate Course Certificate 

Graduate Certificate 

Purposes behind Rejection of Application


The Commission may not acknowledge an application from an establishment, if the foundation can't show that it can fulfill IBTE's guidelines concerning the capabilities of the organization's proprietors, overseeing board individuals and executive, or budgetary obligation. In the occasion the Membership Provider Commission doesn't acknowledge an application for either of these reasons, the choice would be appealable.


Furthermore, the Commission maintains whatever authority is needed to not acknowledge an application from an organization, if travel conditions or security worries in that nation are seen by the Commission to be hazardous. This choice would not be appealable.


The disappointment of one training program or potentially division to apply for or accomplish accreditation inside a time allotment set by the Commission doesn't render all instruction projects or divisions are viewed as ineligible for membership.

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