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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

  • Join online quickly and easily today!  Click here to be taken to the online membership application.

What is the cost of membership?

  • Current students pay $1250 US per year.

  • Regular membership is $1550 US per year.

  • Institutional/Organizational memberships are $4500 US per year.

What is included in the membership?

  • Students: Electronic membership includes the Members Only section of the web site, electronic version of the journal, membership directory and the monthly Hotline

  • Regular Members: Same as the student membership

  • Institutional/Organizational memberships: All of the above plus printed copies of the Journal. You will be listed as a sponsoring organization.  You may request to use the IBTE logo on your publications.  Contact the Secretariat for the logo.

How can I pay for my membership?

  • Online through PayPal. Money Gram or Western Union. You will need to send the Executive Secretariat a copy of the receipt provided.  Payment needs to be made out to 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX

  • Check drawn on a United Kingdom bank made out to IBTE. We are unable to accept checks from banks other than the United Kingdom.

  • If you are applying for Institutional/Organizational Membership ($4500 USA), you may make a bank transfer. Contact the Executive Secretariat for the transfer instructions.  However, if you use this method you must pay all bank charges.  These have been known to be a much as $80 US.

How can I get my article published in the IBTE Journal?

  • You must be a member of IBTE.

  • Follow the guidelines for submitting journal articles, available on the web site. Submit your article and requisite items to the Journal Editor.

How do I get a copy of the IBTE Journal?

  • If you are a member of IBTE, you may get a printed copy of the journal for $35 US per year.

  • If you do not want to pay the additional $35, you can still access the IBTE Journal online on the Members Only portion of the web site.

  • Institutional/Organizational members get a printed copy each year they pay for membership.

  • If you are an institution requesting a subscription and you are not a member, you may get a years subscription for $80 US.

How can I get a list of IBTE members?

Members have access to the list of members on the "Members Only" portion of the web site where you can request a listing of those in the directory and view individual members profiles by clicking on their name.

How do I access the Member's Only section?

You must be a current member and follow the login process for setting up your login which is your email address and password. If you are not a member or have changed your email address recently, you may not be able to get in. If you are a member and are unable to create a login, click on forgot my password.  The software will immediately send you a URL to your email.  Click on the URL and you will be instructed how to change your password.  When you are done, click on HOME and login again using the new password.

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